3-axis USB Stepper Motor Control using National Instruments LabVIEW

An Introduction to DMX Series Stepper Motor Automation with LabVIEW

Application Note 001

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Arcus Technology and Kod Integrations, LLC


Arcus Technology, in conjunction with Kod Integrations, LLC recently added to its suite of stepper motor software tools a fully functional LabVIEW driver. This application note is designed to facilitate even the novice LabVIEW developer in swiftly creating their own functional LabVIEW applications utilizing this driver and a set of (3) DMX-J-SA-17 stepper motors.

Please note that this document is not intended to act as a lesson in proper LabVIEW development techniques, nor does it focus on one design pattern over another. Its intent is to demonstrate the usage of the Arcus supplied LabVIEW driver for controlling DMX-J-SA-17 stepper motor(s) via simple, clean and functional examples.

Full Application Note Available Here.